About Us


The name is a Sesotho word meaning “beauty” of the amalgamating municipalities. The area is characterised by its unique demographics, natural beauty and environmental features (e.g. the historical heritage of the mountains near Senekal called Thaba-Tshweu). Also, the richness in agriculture, e.g. orchards, wheat, etc. and beautiful mountains boasting of holiday resorts underscore the choice of name


To develop Setsoto into a unified, viable and progressive municipality that serves the needs of all its people in a responsible, economic and sustainable manner.


Setsoto Municipality, living up to its motto “Re Sebeletsa Katleho”, will strive to deliver services to the communities in an effective, economical, efficient and sustainable manner.

Core Values

  • Courtesy and “People First”
  • Consultation
  • Service Standards
  • Access
  • Information
  • Openness and transparency
  • Redress
  • Value for Money

Coat of Arms

  • Basotho Hat (Moqhaka):  Honour Of Our Area & Dignity
  • Leopard Head: Tolerance
  • Lilly Flowers:  Love, Beauty & Peace
  • Cherries & Mealies:  Richness Of Agriculture
  • Color Green:  Richness Of Agriculture Pasture
  • Color Yellow:  Sanstone, Minerals & Wealth
  • Color Blue:  Symbol Of Hope


Re Sebeletsa Katleho:  Work For Success